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Do you want to be one of life’s winners?

If you find yourself just sitting around watching life go by, waiting for your
‘big break’ to come knocking on the door, then...

Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve is a ground-breaking personal development audio program that has taken the industry by storm.

And it has just one purpose; to show YOU how to make massive change in your life and start living the way you DESERVE.


I’m Andy Harrington – a leading expert in the psychology of success and creator of Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve.

I’ve spoken and taught my methods all round the world, and I’ve created this unique programme to help you if...

You want things to change, but don’t know how to make it happen

Perhaps you’re feeling a bit dissatisfied with how your life’s turning out. Feeling stuck in your job, health, relationships or outlook.

OR maybe there are big problems that you can’t ignore any longer, yet you don’t know how to tackle them.

OR secretly you have goals and dreams, but you don’t really think you could (or should) pursue them.

So just imagine for a moment you have the power to change ANYTHING in your world with just the click of your fingers…

Would you...

  • Walk away from your current job without a backward glance to go do something you really love?
  • Create the ultimate soulmate relationship with the perfect partner – the person you are destined to grow old with?
  • Look after your body with pride – lose weight, take care of your appearance, get fit – and LOVE EVERY MINUTE of the journey?
  • Enjoy life – have the time to do what you like, be happy with what you have, and always confident to push for more?
  • Bound out of bed in the morning excited and ready to go. The unstoppable you?
  • Make the most of every minute of every day. So that in your life every vibrant moment counts for something?
  • Leave the ultimate legacy – an example for others to follow. Touching other people’s lives in the most positive way possible?

7 years ago that was the sort of life I wanted too.

I was in a predictable job in a call centre, slowly drowning with the sheer monotony and desperately wanting something different.

So I studied successful people I admired. Life’s winners. They always seemed to know the right people, be in the right place at the right time, and have the right opportunities falling into their laps.

At first they just seemed plain lucky. But I started to notice patterns. Subtle differences that made ALL the difference. It wasn’t luck. It was a formula.

And above all the most important thing I learned was this. That there is one thing that stops you achieving the life you deserve. Just one.

Want to know what it is?

...It’s YOU!

You see you have everything within you right NOW to go out and create the most amazing life. Except your mind won’t let you,

It’s programmed you to play it safe

Over the years, you’ve been conditioned by your parents, your friends, your boss, your colleagues, your partner, even your bank manager that life is a certain way.

You should behave in a certain way, according to what’s normal, acceptable or possible.

Add to that the little voice in your own head, adding to the noise about what you should or shouldn’t do, be, achieve… recoiling from pain and whispering ‘play it safe’…

Is it any wonder that you’ve lost faith?

Well, just for a moment imagine that your inner voice said something different. Something that made you sit up and pay attention. Something like this:

What a difference.

And THAT is what Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve teaches you.

How to re-programme the most powerful supercomputer you’ll ever know – your brain – to blast through everything that tells you no…

To leave you soaring ever higher, free as a bird, saying YES to whatever you want.

Because if you decide to do it, it’s as good as done!

Right now you might be skeptical.
Of course you are – that’s your programming!

Do you see how it tries to control you, to keep you stuck in the status quo?

Trouble is, if you listen you’ll still be in the same place this time next week, next month and next year.

And that’s precisely WHY you NEED something new in the equation, to blast away the status quo.


Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve is highly successful. I’m living proof.

I went from a nobody just-getting-by to

  • launching a company that has pulled in £4.2 million in the last 5 years,
  • travelling all over the world help people just like you overcome their hurdles,
  • and spending quality time with my 5 beautiful children as they grow.

My private clients have also seen the power of Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve.

They are so keen to learn the success formula that they invest £20,000 a day to consult with me and learn these exact same strategies.

We’re the same, you and I

You know I’m no different to you. I have the same set of beliefs shaping my life too. The same small voice that tells me endlessly how things are in my world.

The only difference – the ONLY one – is that I’ve changed what I believe. And I’ve programmed my little voice to say exactly the right things to unlock everything I already have inside.

You can experience the same thing too.

All you have to do is say “Yes!”

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A New You In 12 Weeks

Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve is a 12-part audio programme transforms your beliefs about what’s possible in every area of your life, and helps you go out to achieve it.

Full of practical advice, exercises and new techniques, it will help you:

  • blast away the deep-seated fears, barriers and beliefs that hold you back and
  • trigger new results that you already have inside of you.

Listen to each CD in the 12-part series every day, take in the training and complete the short exercise…

Over time your limiting self beliefs will be replaced with a new approach. Your old negative self-talk will be worn away and new positive thoughts installed.

By the end you will have rearranged your beliefs about who you are and the life that you deserve, releasing your blockages, and setting you on the path to real and unstoppable action.

It’s timeless advice, whether you are 18 or 80.

And everything in the series is designed to free what you already have within you. This isn’t brainwashing. This is brain unlocking!

Complete one CD a week, and in 3 months your life could be transformed beyond all recognition.

Contains 600 minutes of content in top quality audio.

Just access the series online and listen on your computer or iPad whenever you want. Or download the MP3 audio files to play in the car so you use every minute you can to bed in this new mindset.

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The Series Covers:

  • CD 1 – The Psychology of Success
  • CD 2 – The Formula for Success
  • CD 3 – The Power to Win
  • CD 4 – Believing is Seeing
  • CD 5 – Why You Do What You Do
  • CD 6 – Awaken the Hero Within
  • CD 7 – Speak and Grow Rich
  • CD 8 – The Tools of Transformation
  • CD 9 – Neuro-Financial-Conditioning
  • CD 10 – Discover Your Pattern
  • CD 11 – The Re-Patterning Process
  • CD 12 – Go For It!

You Will Learn:

  • How your mind controls your thoughts, worlds and actions
  • The psychology of decision making – and the twin forces that govern every choice you make
  • How your brain tricks you into not changing – spot the signs and you won’t be fooled so easily again
  • The specific mindset of a millionaire
  • How to become instantly ‘lucky’ by learning to spot all those opportunities that are currently passing you by
  • The difference between successful and unsuccessful people, and how they think
  • How to rediscover your natural creativity
  • Attracting wealth, love and happiness in abundance
  • How to organize your resources to prepare for an amazing life
  • Step-by-step guide to YOUR personal psychology – your trigger points, your hot spots, your danger zones, and how to manage them
  • Your toolkit – the essentials you MUST have if you want to make lasting change
  • Your daily Breakthrough blueprint – the key to a lifetime of change, one day at a time

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